How to Start Karting

How to Start Karting

Start karting with Rookie Racing. Starting out in kart racing can be very overwhelming, there are probably so many questions going through your head at the moment. What class should my child race in? Do I need to buy a kart now? What kart shall I buy? What about training and licencing? Here at Rookie Racing we want to make your journey into karting as smooth and simple as possible. 

We can offer a fully experienced and non-biased advisory service on all aspects of starting-up. You’ll receive help on choosing the right class, kart, engine and equipment. To start with, you can hire equipment off us before you make any big purchases 

First things first, we’ll make sure you and your child know all the safety aspects of karting, along with any rules and regulations 

Once your set up, the fun really begins. Our team will coach your child in order for them to gain their ARKS license and get them race-ready. The first race meeting can be a daunting experience, but rest assured we will be there to guide and encourage your child through every stage of the process; ensuring they are on the grid on-time, complying with all rules and regulations and all karts and suits are in full working order.

Begin your first steps into karting with Rookie Racing, we promise you’ll have a blast!