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for Age 6-8th Birthday or they can race from 5 with us on the Saturday only.
Age 8 – 13 or they can race cadets from 7 with us on Saturday Only.
Age from 11,12 or 13 depending on class up to 17
15 and up


The brand new UniGo ONE lap timer from Unipro in a fantastic design. 
Now with Built-in Li-Ion battery and GPS with internal antenna. 

  • WiFi,NFC, USB
  • Built-in Li-Ion battery (New feature)
  • GPS with internal antenna
  • Audio voice feedback
  • Trigger directly from track magnets 
  • Flexible inputs 
  • Multiple temp. inputs
  • Built-in acc/gyro
  • Easy to use
  • Expandable with UniBox

GPS Receiver

Internal GPS antenna with new technology.

Communication Channels

Communicate via WiFi, Bluetooth, BLE, NFC or USB cable. WiFi as client for teams, or access point for private drivers. Fast transfer speed.

Connect Sensors Directly

Flexible inputs let you connect two temperatures, RPM, trigger, analog, digital, speed, Lambda, IR Box, or BLE sensors like a heart rate chest strap.

Built-in Sensors

Several built-in sensors like steering wheel position, magnet stripe trigger,  battery voltage, light sensor, real-time clock and environment temperature.

Huge Memory

4GB for logging up to 60Hz. 

Advanced Graphic Display

Bigger high resolution display ensures easy-to-read text and icons. Automatic adjusted white backlight enables driving at night.

Li-Ion Battery

Rechargeable built-in battery with. Recharge with the supplied 2.4A charger, USB, LiPo 

Audio Voice Feedback

Concentrate on driving and get voice feedback in a Bluetooth headset. Voice feedback is in your local language

Advanced Analysis Software

Includes the highly appreciated Unipro Analyser software. Runs on both Windows PC and Mac.


Bigger display, scratch free window, thick overlay to protect display from helmet, internal battery, internal magnet trigger, and SW adjustable RPM input.