About Us

About Us

Every Champ Started as a Rookie

Rookie Racing was founded with one mission; to help aspiring young racers get onto the track, armed with the skills and techniques to deliver a drive that will get them to the podiums. Our go-kart training academy based at Fulbeck Kart Club is ran by a team of expert trainers, professional mechanics and passionate racers.

Our monthly meetings are dedicated to hands-on training, getting young drivers into the kart, trying new techniques and educating them on the rules and regulations of kart racing. Of course, our biggest priority is driver safety so we’ll give a full safety briefing before each session. When the big racing days arrive our team is available to help out, advise and coach, re-capping on everything that was taught at training. We’re also present at Fulbeck’s Sprint Series monthly club meetings, on hand to support drivers.

For total beginners we have karts to hire on the academy days to test the water before any big purchases are made. We also offer full support to parents and/or guardians on things like kart purchase, set-up and safety.

Our services:

·      Beginner training on driving and kart set up

·      Driver training

·      ARKS racing license tuition

·      Transition from Bambino to Cadet

·      Transition from Cadets to Juniors

·      Full support to parents/guardians

·      Safety tuition to get the most out of racing

·      Experienced advice on racing classes, equipment and kart purchase

·      Morning Practice and Afternoon Racing with lots of track time, trophies and medals also awarded

.      Kart Hire