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Karting Tuition

Karting Tuition

So you’re all set up, you’ve had your first race and loving your time with the Rookie Racing team. Contrary to popular belief, kart racing is one of the most physically and mentally demanding sports you can partake. Your mind and body must be perfectly in-sync, making quick decisions in order to perform an optimum drive. This, like so many other things in life, comes with hard work, dedication and training.

The Rookie Racing training academy work with you to constantly refine and perfect your technique, month after month, race after race. At our monthly academy days we’ll equip you with the tools you need, get you out onto the track and work on anything you’re unsure of.

We also formulate fitness regimes for you to carry out at home, karting requires a huge amount of upper body strength and this must be worked on in between race and academy days.

Rookie Racing now have a young mentor scheme where a few professional racers work with around 7 or 8 different drivers over the day this is as well as everyone coming together for classroom sessions and a morning track walk.

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