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ARKS License Information

ARKS License Information

Traditionally the starting point for racing drivers, karting can give competitors their first experience of wheel-to-wheel action. As karts can be significantly cheaper than cars, karting offers huge opportunities for aspiring racers at a fraction of the cost. Although karts look alike there are many classes, Before you can start racing you will need to complete an ARKS test this is now a mandatory requirement before you can enter MSUK-approved racing. The training we offer will get you through your arks test and get you on your way.

Minimum Requirements to start Kart Racing

  • A kart must comply with MSUK regulations (we will help you with this and the karts we hire do comply with these rules)
  • A crash helmet and overalls. Crash helmets use MSA Snell regulations CMR/CMS2007. These standards cover motorsport helmets for children and helmets with one of these two labels are mandatory for all under-15s at MSA sanctioned events (although over-15s may also use them). Children’s helmets are lighter than adult helmets, so this is important. The kit you borrow from us is also up to spec.
  • You must be at least 6 years old and hold a competition Licence (other than for Kart Endurance Licenses). You may also need a Medical Certificate. But from 6 you can now also do your arks test Before you can even apply for a licence, you must do the following:

Obtain a "Go Karting" pack  from the MSUK which contains: a Novice application form which includes the cost of the first licence and the cost of an Entrant PG licence, (which is required of any parent whose child is under the age of 18, and competing within UK National Karting events), 

If 18 or over and applying for a 'normal' (not Endurance) licence, you must obtain a medical certificate (the form for completion is in the "Starting Karting" pack).

Complete a half-day MSA assessment for novice kart racers, run by members of the Association of Racing Kart Schools (ARKS) .

For the cost of the course visit the ARKS website. You will also need to purchase a voucher to present to the instructor on the day you are taking your test.

The Novice Kart Drivers Scheme

A competitor making an application for a kart licence for the first time may be required to purchase a novice kart driver “Go Karting” pack from the Motor Sports Association and then to complete an approved training course at one of the Association of Racing Kart Schools (ARKS) before applying for a competition licence or attending their first race meeting.

Some kart clubs also offers ARKS training courses provided by their ARKS licensed club examiners.

The procedure to be followed is contained in the pack.

Specialist Contact: Association of British Kart Clubs (ABKC) -

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